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The mission of Front Range Court Appointed Special Advocates is to support and promote court-appointed volunteer advocacy so that every abused or neglected child in the 9th Judicial District (Glacier, Pondera, Teton and Toole Counties) can be safe, establish permanence and have the opportunity to thrive.

We are currently providing services for 94 active cases.

Our Volunteer Board Members include:
Randy Fauque (President)
Dennis Gottfried (Vice President)
Rob Cook (Treasurer)
Joni Walton (Secretary)
Kiersta Sullivan (Executive Director)
Bill Hunt
Laura Swanson
Sylvia Bryce

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As a CASA volunteer I have had many cases where parents are struggling with drug addiction. One of my case in particular involved several beautiful children.

The parental rights of the father had been terminated but the mother continued to work at controlling her addiction. After one of several court appearances, I visited with the mother who was very emotional because she was in danger of having her parental rights terminated. I told her, I don’t suffer from addiction but she had made me realize how very difficult it must be to overcome her addiction because I knew how much she loved her children.

This young mother went into treatment for chemical dependency. She had done this on numerous occasions but had always failed to complete the treatment. This time she did complete her treatment and now has her beautiful children living with her where they belong. When visiting with her she stated that she realized how important it was that she stop the cycle of addiction as she was raised in a home where substance abuse was a problem.

CASA volunteers spend many hours doing our best to make the life of a child better. We don’t always have positive outcomes, but when we do it is worth every minute spent helping the child. Every child deserves our most sincere effort to do the very best for them so that they may experience a childhood that gives them the chance to grow into healthy adults.

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I am a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). One of my cases was a young Mom with two children, 6 years old and a newborn.
When I first met Mom, she was high on meth. The children were in a Foster Home. Mom was stealing from stores and friends. She was also going out with men who were abusing her.
Mom stayed away from her children so much that her 6 year old was very angry with Mom and did not listen to her. Then one night Mom overdosed, thought she was going to die and it scared her so much to think of what would happen to her kids. She called the next day for help. Mom went to MCDC, a drug rehab program. She went to counseling, took parenting classes, and attended out-patient drug rehab. When Child Protective Services wanted to dismiss her case, Mom asked for more time because she felt she needed more counseling, so the case was extended.
Today Mom has turned her life around. She has been clean for almost a year, has her kids back, is working and is saving money so she can attend school. She broke up with her boyfriend because he drinks and she does not want to be around that, for both herself and her children. Mom is making very good choices now, I am proud of her.
Recently I was out to dinner when Mom came in with her parents. She came over and hugged me and thanked me for being there for her children. When I see her 6 year old, she comes running up to me and gives me the biggest hugs.
That is how I know I make a difference.

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